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Year Two - Printreading, Code, Theory

Y2S1 - 23-24 Printreading, Code, Theory
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Year 2 covers - Printreading, Code, Introduction to AC Theory, Single-Phase Transformers, Power Generation, Transmision and Distribution, Three Phase Transformers and Buck-Boost Transformers.                       

Printreading for Residential and Light Commercial Construction - prints contain information necessary to efficiently and properly construct a building.  

Comprehensive Guide to the NEC is a three volume explanation articles of the NEC code.  This is based on the current 2020 code cycle.



We have made some of our course material available to you so you can preview what we have to offer.  We have selected a chapter from one of our Year 2 programs for you to view using our powerful Learning Management System (LMS) plus you may preview the full table of contents to see what is covered. 

Look for the chapters labeled "Open" and click on those to view the entire chapter. 

In the sample chapter just look for the Next Page or  buttons to navigate to the next page in the program.  PDF links may be included in a program and are identified by the PDF Icon.  Assessments are not available in the sample programs. 


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